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Finding Talent In The Cannabis Industry Denise Biderman & Taylor Aldredge Of Mary's List
Episode 519th January 2020 • Lit Up Founders • Lit Up Media
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When you’re assembling the team for your next Cannabis project, often you’ll need to bring in qualified people with industry experience, on a project or freelance basis. But who to trust? Where to find them? Enter Mary’s List. Since 2018, Mary’s List, at, has run an active Newsletter connecting those in need, with those that can, for the Cannabis Industry. I’m your host, Brian Weber. In this episode we’re welcoming Denise Biderman & Taylor Aldredge to discuss their personal and business journey in launching Mary’s List. In a very candid interview, they share the many obstacles they faced, and lessons learned, adding Mary to the ranks of Craig and Angie. This episode was originally recorded on May 22nd, 2019. As you’ll learn in this episode, they are both partners in business and partners in life. I’m very pleased to share that Denise and Taylor made it official, tying the knot this past New Years! Much love and success to them in 2020 and beyond!