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Why scale with psychology?
Episode 8412th March 2024 • Scale with Psychology • Ani Manian
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Transforming Business Success Through Founder Psychology

In this episode I outline the philosophy and approach of 'Scale with Psychology', my company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses by optimizing their psychology. 

I emphasizes the importance of congruence between a founder's life and their business, illustrating how misalignment often leads to self-sabotage and prevents growth. 

This unique methodology focuses on internal transformation by addressing the psychological constructs, belief systems, and subconscious patterns that influence business decisions. 

External factors like team quality, funding, and market potential are always secondary to the founder's psychology. 

In the Scale with Psychology Accelerator program, founders can expect personalized guidance to identify and overcome psychological barriers, design efficient business strategies, and achieve exponential growth while improving their quality of life, relationships, and health.

  • Introduction to Scale with Psychology
  • The Importance of Founder Psychology in Business Scaling
  • Identifying and Overcoming Psychological Barriers
  • The Scale with Psychology Accelerator Program
  • Comprehensive Support for Founders
  • Invitation to Join the Accelerator