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143: Carrie Veatch | Stepping into Your Power and Setting Yourself Free
Episode 14313th October 2021 • The Success Finder Podcast • Brandon Straza
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Carrie Veatch is a coach who helps ambitious female entrepreneurs bust through self-doubt and false narratives to create 6 and multiple 6 figure online businesses. Carrie combines neuroscience, teaching clients to rewire their brains through mindset work, and a safe container for clients to create lives of freedom. With her MA in counseling psychology, she has been a therapist, worked in gang prevention and was the Executive Director of a highly successful nonprofit prior to coaching. Carrie loves helping clients unlock the power within themselves to create lives of both financial freedom and location freedom.

In this episode, Carrie walks us through how she supports female entrepreneurs step into their power. She also shares with us the importance of learning, and how taking note of your thoughts and being conscious about what you’re telling yourself can help you define your version of succes. Check it out! 

[00:01 – 03:58] Opening Segment

  • I introduce our guest, Carrie Veatch
  • Checkout the Success Finder App 
  • Check the links below 
  • Connect with Carrie through the links below
  • Carrie’s superpower: supporting people and allowing them to step into their power

[03:59 – 10:29] Carrie and Her Experience with Self-Education

  • How learning has changed for Carrie over the years
  • Learning not just through theory
  • Learning how to focus in the age of social media 
  • Carrie’s coaches and masterminds
  • Gaining knowledge by observing 
  • How masterminds and coaches help her get unstuck
  • Learning how to ask for help 
  • Being open to being vulnerable 

[10:30 - 24:05] What to Expect from Carrie

  • Helping women earn more money
  • The power of looking inward
  • Passing along the risk
  • A success story when working with Carrie 
  • Exciting things in store for Carrie
  • Actionable Items/Tips from Carrie
  • Taking note of your thoughts 
  • Being conscious of what you’re telling yourself 
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“We almost forget sometimes the power of just asking for help quicker, and how someone can shed light on something easier than just doing it yourself.” - Carrie Veatch

“The truth is that true coaching is about who your being and helping someone to unlock that [potential].” - Carrie Veatch

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