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Identity and Isolation with Taiyo Okamoto
Episode 419th July 2022 • The Artist Business Plan • Superfine Art Fair
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In this episode of the Artist Business Plan we sit down with Taiyo Okamoto to discover what it felt like growing up and evolving artistically in different cultures. Learn about Taiyo's unique use of mediums and understanding of what they represent when you tune into this lovely episode.

Guest: Taiyo Okamoto creates works immersed in the practice of returning to one’s true nature. Shedding society’s heavy armors and concepts, he synchronizes color, light, texture, and the flow of water to transmute a tender reality. Working across mediums, Taiyo uses paper chigiri-e, painting, photography, digital, and poetry to awaken the senses to an embodied awareness of the now. Currently living in New York City, Taiyo grew up by the ocean in Karatsu, Japan, spending his childhood days twilighting on the seawall; dreamily gazing at the vast sky, crashing waves, and flying fish. He appears in the award-winning “Hanagatami” directed by legendary Japanese filmmaker Nobuhiko Obayashi. He has exhibited artworks in New York, Philadelphia, Taipei and London.

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Hosted and Executive Produced by James Miille and Alexander Mitow

Executive Producer/Producer : Joshua Guicherit

Written by: Joshua Guicherit, Alexander Mitow, and James Miille

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