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Seeking Sustainability LIVE Japan - jjwalsh / InboundAmbassador EPISODE 107, 25th September 2020
What The Sustainable News Japan | Hikosaemon + JJWalsh
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What The Sustainable News Japan | Hikosaemon + JJWalsh

Hikosaemon is a popular Kiwi YouTuber in Tokyo who appeared in episode 89. Today, he joins me in a new sub-series focused on some of the latest news stories in Japan we have picked up on that have a sustainability focus.

There is a lot we talk about in the SSL series which is theoretical or such a small part of the picture, so it's great to take a look at the latest news and think of sustainability from this angle. Watch the video of this talk here

Hikosaemon was featured in Episode 89 of the #seekingsustainabilitylive series https://youtu.be/I27B7rYFANI

Here we talk about popular #FamilyRestaurant chains in Japan and which are best for finding #plantbased options, ones that #supportlocalfarmers and use #reusable containers.

I certainly have one that tops the list, what's your favorite?

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