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The Achieve Podcast - Christian Baker EPISODE 46, 7th December 2020
What To Do When Life Keeps Getting In The Way Of Your Goals
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What To Do When Life Keeps Getting In The Way Of Your Goals

Does Life Keep Getting In The Way Of Your Goals - What To Do When Life Throws Obstacles In The Way Of Your Goals

Do you ever feel like everything is against you, that that life keeps throwing curve balls and obstacles your way?

Because life can feel like that sometimes and I often get reminded by this when I watch the TV show, I'm a celebrity get me out of here. It was on the other day and they were doing the cyclone challenge. 

I'm not sure if you've seen it, but basically, it's an obstacle course, where they have to go up this hill and they're being bombarded with jets of water, balls and all sorts of things get thrown at them, high powered wind is launched in their direction.

And life can sometimes feel like it's a bit of an uphill struggle and we're being bombarded from different directions. But, although we can't always control those external events, even when it does feel like life is conspiring against us, we still have choices that we can make. 

You can give up, you can re-evaluate, and if it's not the right path for you, then get off, and change direction, but either way there are choices to be made.

If you are on the path that you want to be on, if you are working towards achieving something that you really, really want to achieve, then when it feels difficult, stop, pause, do something that allows you to recharge, to catch your breath, to dig deep, to find an extra gear and keep going. 

When I've been on the treadmill before, doing some high intensity intervals sprints, I get it on the steepest incline and the highest speed I can manage and do 20-30 secs full sprint. Then in between I stand on the side for 10 - 20 seconds rest, and even when I'm resting, the treadmill is still going at what feels like a million miles an hour underneath me.

This is the same in life, life can continue at the high pace that it is, but we can get off and have a rest and recharge, even if it's just momentarily.

So, ask yourself if this is definitely something that you want to be working towards, how can you help yourself look after yourself to recharge, to pause and just reboot, because if we're not taking care of ourselves, things can sometimes seem worse than they are.

Whereas on another day, when we're fully charged, when we're on it, when we're firing on all cylinders, not only do we have the strength and the ability to plough through and keep going, but it also feels much easier and effortless. 

So, it's really important that you take the time to not only re-evaluate to make sure you're on the right path, but to ensure you're doing everything you can to keep yourself charged and fuelled to make it happen.

Now I've taken clients through an exercise many, many times over the years, and I get them to think about exactly what we're talking about today. I remember talking to a client once and he was going through his problems and the predicament he was in. And I said, if you imagine it’s like an assault course, what options, what choices, what can you do? 

And very quickly he said, "well, I could just get off and walk around here". 

Sometimes that's what we need to do, we would benefit if we stopped and took a moment to look up, to change perspective and just see if there's a better way of doing things.

If there is, then go in that direction, you don't always have to keep going at a million miles an hour feeling up against it.

It may be that right around you, somewhere nearby, just ahead of you, just to the side, you can find a way through, around, over or under any perceived obstacles that may be in your way. 

So, ask yourself; 

Is there anything you can do? 

Is there a simpler way of getting to where you want to be? 

Whenever you're feeling overwhelmed, stuck, like life keeps putting obstacles in the way of your goal, I want you to do these three things;

1 - Take time to reflect. Do you really want to achieve the outcome, the goals that you're working towards? 

If so, then, then find the best way of doing it. And if not change direction

2 - Recharge, are you currently fully charged? Could you help yourself? Could you pause for a moment? Could you take a deep breath and then go again?

If so, do whatever you can to help yourself. 

If you need some assistance, visit my website, www.ChristianBbaker.net, where you can grab a free audio, my "Relax and unwind" audio download, to help unplug and connect yourself into your charger and feel rested, relax, refresh, recharge, and wonderfully re-energized. 

3 - Refocus and Re-evaluate, from time to time just refocus and ask yourself, is there a better or simpler way?

Either way, whatever situation you're in, whatever you're working towards. Remember you do have a choice, to stop, or find a way to keep going and make it happen.

Whatever you do, ensure that you look after yourself along the way.

If you need any help, remember to pop over to https://christianbaker.net/, get your free download and give yourself the best possible chance to help you to achieve the goals and the life that you want. 

Remember what your mind believes you will achieve. So, allow yourself to think differently, to believe in yourself, take action, and you can achieve the life that you want.

Go on, make it happen. 

You can do it! 

All the best

Christian Baker - Mindset Coach