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How to transition to a new path in life with Vitanna Costantino
Episode 1027th June 2020 • Success Inspired • Vit Müller
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In today's episode we talk about how our environment conditions our decisions and we also talk about extreme importance of investing on ourselves in order succeed in any area of your life.

My guest today is transition coach & mentor who helps young professionals and business owners find direction, setting up worthy goals and making quantum leaps in their business/career.

She does that by helping people eliminate their fears, mental blocks and limiting beliefs, through a specific 6 months step-by-step program.

Through the 6 months step-by-step program Vitanna helps individuals find out what they really want and shows them exactly how to achieve it by working on fears, mental blocks and limiting beliefs.


  • (00:00:22) - Introduction
  • (00:01:25) - What does transition coach mean?
  • (00:02:26) - Vitanna's journey of becoming a transition coach
  • (00:07:15) - About Bot Proctor
  • (00:08:45) - How does one uncover whether they might benefit from transitioning to a new career / paradigm shift.
  • (00:10:18) - What is a Quantum leap
  • (00:12:12) - How to navigate in search for your big audacious goal
  • (00:15:40) - In order to have faith you need to have desire
  • (00:17:21) - Vitanna's $3million goal in 6 months and why
  • (00:19:10) - Vitanna's biggest hurdle she had to overcome in her own journey
  • (00:22:23) - Ethical selling and how did Vitanna start her business.
  • (00:24:06) - Paralysis by analysis.. importance of getting started as a secret to getting ahead.
  • (00:25:48) - Vitanna's 6 months step-by-step program


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