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MicroFamous - Matt Johnson 17th December 2020
Pivoting vs. Shrinking the Battlefield
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Pivoting vs. Shrinking the Battlefield

There's a lot of talk about pivoting, and as I've started talking more to introverts, people can come away with the impression that I'm pivoting.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Instead of pivoting, I’m speaking to a smaller group of people with stronger elements in common. Rather than competing with every other marketing guru and agency out there for the same broad range of people, I kept drilling down and looking for ways to speak more deeply to a smaller group of people.

In the MicroFamous book, I call this Shrinking the Battlefield.

By Shrinking the Battlefield and tailoring my message for introverts, it frees me up to speak to their needs, challenges, fears and problems on a much deeper level.

So if you've been paying attention to the MicroFamous podcast or my emails and you're wondering if me speaking to introverts is a pivot, it's actually Shrinking the Battlefield.

I'm sacrificing speaking to everyone, so I can deliver a message to half the audience that's even more razor-sharp, Clear & Compelling.