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Seeking Sustainability LIVE (SSL) - jjwalsh / InboundAmbassador TRAILER, 20th April 2020
Introducing the Seeking Sustainability LIVE (SSL) podcast series

Introducing the Seeking Sustainability LIVE (SSL) podcast series

Hi, I'm Joy

This Seeking Sustainability LIVE podcast series is the audio taken from the SSL livestream video series. These are 60 minute interviews held every weekday to discuss interesting topics with "good people doing great things" in Japan.

The guests are experts in their field who are focused on promoting culture, heritage, traditions, less waste or conservation in their businesses and personal lives. The guest's efforts are far above the normal business-as-usual practices and have great knock-on benefits for society and the planet.

My view of sustainable business practice is to find ways to balance the needs of people and planet while still maintaining necessary income (profits) to fund the work.

Sustainability is a wide reaching, multi-leveled topic which often seems overwhelming, but I hope once you tune it will spark new ideas for how you can make different choices in your life or business.

COVID19 has thrown us all off-track, this is a different time across the world as we are trying to move forward into a new reality that still works. It's hard and frustrating, but solutions are slowly emerging and there are great examples around us to talk about.

Please don't lose hope + thanks so much for tuning in,