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Maximizing Your LinkedIn Presence (Feat. Mandy McEwen)
18th July 2022 • Motivational Mondays: Conversations with Leaders • National Society of Leadership and Success
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Mandy McEwen is a passionate marketing expert who feels that young people are missing out by not maximizing their potential on LinkedIn. According to Mandy, it's the best place to connect with people who will take you to the next level. The right connections are powerful and could lead you to your dream job or a valuable mentorship.

People crave trust, authenticity, and human-to-human connections. Mandy feels LinkedIn should be an extension of your personal brand; a place to build an intersection between you as an individual (your expertise, skills, differentiation) and your company (what they do). 

Mandy also explains that someone’s personal brand never changes. It stays the same and becomes more powerful once you incorporate your passions, services, skills, and values into your professional profile.

The more you share who you are, the more you’ll resonate with those around you. In this week's episode of Motivational Mondays, Mandy shares how to build connections and stand out online.



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Listen to the bonus episode to learn why courtesy is a must on LinkedIn, and why you should avoid pitching businesses unsolicited. {}

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