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The Big Ask Podcast with Nicole Matthews - Nicole Matthews EPISODE 3, 20th May 2021
Episode 3: The Secret of Building Community by Being Nice with Allen Blunt
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Episode 3: The Secret of Building Community by Being Nice with Allen Blunt

We sit down with Allen Blunt who is the Regional Trainer for Orange Theory Fitness (OTF). OTF is an interval-based training program, with over 1000 studios internationally and 13 locations in San Diego. So much more than just a regular fitness program because of the community that is created. Rediscovery for people to find a better version of themselves. OTF has an incredible think-tank that formulate the workouts that change every day. In 8 years, they have never delivered the same workout. All OTF’s participate in the same workout every day across the entire brand. 5 pillars of coaching – 1) voice 2) appearance 3) personality 4) energy and 5) biomechanics. Social media has changed the dynamics of fitness from classes, nutrition training, and the celebration of member’s success. We dive in with Allen and discuss how choosing happiness is about creating a community of people around you that make you better.


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