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197. The Design Thinking, Entrepreneurial, Visionary Planning Leader: Featuring Dr. Michael Nagler
25th June 2022 • Aspire to Lead • Joshua Stamper
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This week’s guest, Dr. Michael Nagler, shares how he uses the motto “Think Differently” to shift his district into a problem solving and innovative group of educators, which prepare the students to be successful in their unknown future careers.  In this episode, we discuss:
  • Standards Based badge books for k-4th grade
  • New model of High school called Synergy
  • And his book, The Design Thinking, Entrepreneurial, Visionary Planning Leader

About Dr. Michael Nagler:

Michael is the Superintendent of the Mineola School District, a suburb of NYC. Mike began his career as a social studies teacher in NYC.  While teaching he earned his doctorate from Columbia University and accepted an administrative position with Mineola in 1999. He believes strongly in the district’s mission to inspire students to become lifelong learners that exhibit strength of character and contribute positively to a global society. During his twenty three years with the district, he has been a big proponent of using technology to engage students in rigorous content. All five schools in Mineola have been recognized as Apple distinguished schools.  Mineola is also a member of the League of Innovative Schools, Dr. Nagler is the Chairperson of the Advisory Board. Mineola was one of the first schools in the State to implement a comprehensive computer science curriculum starting in kindergarten. Mineola is also at the forefront of digital student portfolios.  Dr. Nagler recently utilized the Districts coding platform to create his own digital portfolio. Dr. Nagler was the 2020 New York State Superintendent of the Year and was a Finalist for the 2020 National Superintendent of the Year.  

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