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“No jab, no job” policy followed by “record number of Covid deaths”. Coincidence?
Episode 927th July 2021 • Imagining Freedom • Natalie Minnis
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Governments around the world are implementing various levels of coercion to persuade people to take Covid vaccinations. This despite several scientific warnings of the potential risks of "ADE" and "VADE" - "vaccine-associated disease enhancement", a phenomenon which has been associated with coronavirus vaccination research in the past, making lab animals MORE susceptible to the serious, even fatal effects of the disease that the vaccine was meant to be protecting them from.

Recent research from Public Health England showed that more deaths from the Delta variant of Covid occurred in the double-jabbed than in those who had not had the jab.

The government of Fiji announced a "no jab, no job" policy on 6th July. By 22nd July, Fiji was reporting record numbers of Covid deaths.

With the PHE results indicating at the very least that these vaccines are protecting no one, surely governments should be halting all vaccine coercion until more facts are known.


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