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Talent Takeover - 2020 in (just under) 20 minutes
Episode 111st December 2020 • Womanthology • Womanthology
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Welcome to the eleventh episode of the Womanthology podcast.

Womanthology is a digital magazine and professional community powered by female energy and ingenuity. We champion equal recognition and reward for everyone, sharing opportunities, ideas and a deep pool of collective wisdom – supporting each other to be unstoppable.

This podcast takes you back through 2020 in just under 20 minutes. It’s a selection box of some of our best bits.

In this episode we hear from:

·      Sara Danesin, critical care nurse

·      Jennifer Tsitsopoulos, founding member at Board of Innovation New York

·      Dr Helen Meese, electro-mechanical power engineer and Womanthology associate

·      Amber Villegas Williamson, technical consultant at Uptime Institute

·      Harvey Morton, Digital Expert

·      Lalitya Dhavala, engineer at McLarens Aviation and branch secretary of the Royal Aeronautical Society in the United Arab Emirates

·      Professor Dame Athene Donald, physicist

·      Alex Eavis, Director of Analytics at EMIS (thanks to EMIS, who are one of our sponsors)

·      Jane Duncan OBE, architect and past president of the RIBA

·      Dr Jody Aked, organisational and social change expert

We will also be hearing from Ines Santos, Womanthology’s associate editor, who is going to be talking us through the written stories in the new issue.

Find out more about Womanthology at

Thank you for listening and remember, if you want to support what we do, please share the link for the show on social media, subscribe and leave a review in your podcast app.

So, for now, all there is left to say is happy holidays and we’ll be back in the New Year. Take care and say safe.





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