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60: Powering health & life harmony with Seamus Power
9th April 2021 • Happier At Work® • Aoife O'Brien
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Following a long and successful corporate career having worked in a variety of customer facing, team leadership and senior business management roles, Seamus experienced at first hand the stresses and strains of living in an increasingly busy world. In this week’s episode, Aoife & Seamus discuss the importance of listening to our bodies and making significant lifestyle tweaks to enhance our quality of life, performance and overall harmony. Key points covered in the episode include; - The impact that stress has on our clarity of mind. - Influence of Modern Lifestyle Behaviours. - Busyness and losing the sense of balance. - The importance of taking breathers and time outs to reconnect with our self. - Behavioural skills. - Understanding our stressors & warning signs. - The concept of emotional intelligence. - The power of self-alignment, labelling our feelings, acceptance and diffusion techniques. Seamus became convinced that the rate of change and the pressure many people were experiencing in their daily lives was simply unsustainable and having a detrimental impact on an increasing number of people’s quality of life and overall health. In Seamus’ case, he noticed trigger signs and felt less happy within himself. With this in mind, Seamus made lifestyle changes which led to a much happier life balance. With this success, Seamus turned his attention to helping others make similar life-changing tweaks. Seamus completed BA Humanities and MSc Health Psychology on the way to founding Powering Health. Seamus is now using his experience and his knowledge to help people take back control and restore their ideal life balance in a very deliberate and proactive way. Connect with Seamus Power: Connect with Happier at Work host Aoife O’Brien: Resources: We Add Heart: Heart focused breathing meditation (every Wednesday at 8.15pm) Book recommendation: Emotional Agility by Susan David Book recommendation: Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman Book recommendation: Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty




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