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How to Farm Regeneratively - In 12 Steps! With Peter Lundgard
Episode 1019th May 2022 • We Are Carbon • Helen Fisher
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In this interview I'm joined by Peter Lundgard, founder of 'Nature's Way Farm' in Alberta, Canada, to discuss the 12 step programme that he's developed for assisting farmers in taking up regenerative practices. 

Throughout the episodes on this podcast we've learnt of the incredible value of soil and it's ability to both sequester carbon and provide for our needs through supporting the growth of plants in a regenerative way. None of this is done in isolation and it's the integrated ecosystems that make it all possible - from the tiny microbial communities in the soil to the large ruminants on the land and everything in between.

Modern agricultural practices are destructive to these functioning ecosystems, and depend instead upon inputs that are produced from fossil fuels.

We now find ourselves at a time when the rising price of oil and the depletion of soils and eco-systems have merged at a point which can't be ignored.

This issue didn't pop up overnight - farmers have been juggling with both for a very long time and fortunately there are many who have put their efforts into rethinking how agriculture can be carried out in more regenerative ways that are in harmony with nature.

After studying at agricultural college Peter started a farm in 1978 using the modern methods that he'd been taught. 

The changing face of farming at this time and ever rising prices and interest rates saw the farm fail financially within 10 years.

From this point forward Peter set on a journey to build a new farm using the traditional practices that he'd been around as a young boy. 

He brought in study and knowledge from a number of sources to create an approach to farming that was supportive rather than destructive to those functioning ecosystems that are so important.

Now with a thriving farm and several decades of experience Peter consults with other budding regenerative farmers to guide them on their journey.

In this discussion Peter generously shares the basis of his 12 Step Programme - which forms a 'how to guide' to regenerative agriculture.

Use the time stamps below to get a sense of what's included:

00:00:00 - Introduction

00:02:42 - Peter's Background

00:12:08 - Step 1 - Become Highly Effective

00:14:45 - Step 2 - Holistic Decision Making

00:22:20 - Step 3 - Mineral Balanced Soil

00:27:55 - Step 4 - Create Diverse Ecosystems

00:43:16 - Step 5 - Intensive Plant Cover Management

00:47:37 - Step 6 - Enhance the Rhizosphere

00:54:56 - Step 7 - Build and Maintain Ground Cover

00:57:04 - Step 8 - Minimal Soil Disturbance

01:00:06 - Step 9 - Sequester Carbon

01:06:12 - Step 10 - Monitor - Testing - Measuring

01:09:14 - Step 11 - Climate Rehabilitation

01:15:20 - Step 12 - Build Health & Vitality for the Agrarian Community

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