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Guest: John McMullen, Broadcast & Digital Radio Trailblazer
Episode 14th September 2023 • Big Conversations, Little Bar • Mutual Broadcasting System LLC
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The inaugural season of Big Conversations, Little Bar couldn't have been as successful as it was without the tremendous help of the shows Producer, John McMullen. So, it seemed appropriate that Patrick Evans and Randy Florence learn a little bit more about John and the tremendous career he's had in both the Radio and Streaming platforms. 

John’s career started at his uncle’s radio station as a pre-teen and within just a few years, John was being recognized for his work building his high school’s radio station. By his senior year in high school he had become the youngest program director of a major market music station in America. But it was a tragedy to a mentor of John’s that really shaped the direction of his career. 

He was there at the dawning of streaming audio and video, then again with satellite radio, propelling him to become a pioneering trailblazer in the age of digital broadcast content. You’ll hear those stories along with how John came to the Coachella Valley, ultimately launching his own radio stations and streaming network.