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Ep 136: How Do You Choose Happy? With Dr. Krispin Kanan
Episode 13614th June 2022 • That Vet Life Podcast • That Vet Life Podcast
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In this week's episode of That Vet Life Show, Dr. Krispin Kanan joins Dr. Moriah. Dr. Krispin Kanan is a large animal veterinarian currently working at Veterinary Enterprises Group Limited in a business development role. Krispin is also a part of Massey's MMI for vet students, which is part of the pre-selection program for the Bachelor of Veterinary Sciences.

Dr. Krispin began his veterinary career as a Large Animal Veterinarian at Veterinary Enterprises Group Limited after graduating from Massey University in 2010. Krispin traveled throughout the world and conducted locum work in England, Northern Ireland, and Scotland during his 15-month sabbatical.

In 2019, he completed an Executive MBA and joined Veterinary Enterprises as a Business Manager. Krispin, in addition to being an excellent veterinarian, works hard to spread positivity through his social media posts.

Dr. Krispin and Dr. Mo discuss the differences between small and large animal veterinarians in this episode, as well as the value of emotional intelligence in the profession.

Listen in as Krispin describes his experiences as a veterinarian traveling around the world and reveals the trick to being positive during times of stress.


Outline of this episode:

  • [01:08] Dr. Mo begins the episode by complimenting Krispin for using his social media presence to spread positivity.
  • [04:50] Dr. Mo and Dr. Krispin give a snapshot of their graduation journey, emphasizing how swiftly the years passed.
  • [08:55] How the Vet Profession benefits from the wide age group and backgrounds of Vet Students.
  • [11:20] Dr. Krispin discusses the MMI pre-selection program and the possibilities of graduating from New Zealand's vet school.
  • [12:26] Dr. Krispin and Dr. Mo talk about the vet school's new selection method, highlighting how other skills might help you get into the vet school.
  • [15:35] Dr. Krispin talks about his first job as a young veterinarian.
  • [18:06] A short ad break - join Thrive
  • [19:12] Dr. Krispin and Dr. Mo continue the podcast by talking about the mistakes that young vets make after graduating.
  • Is it a good idea to do locum work right after graduation?
  • [21:12] Dr. Krispin recounts a memorable event he had while on his first job, which enabled him to travel around the world.
  • [25:28] Dr. Krispin and Dr. Mo talk about the differences between small animal and farm animal medicine, as well as how the pace of life changes depending on which role you select.
  • [28:50] How can young grads identify the finest practice for them?
  • [31:26] Dr. Krispin and Dr. Mo discuss corporate practice and how it differs from private practice.
  • [37: 24] How can a system be implemented in Vet school so that students can acquire critical skills like PCS in a fun way?
  • [40:25] Dr. Mo wraps the episode.

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