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4·08 Gigantic Oops ⠀ (I Shrink Therefore I Am)
Episode 83rd January 2023 • So Farscape! • Khaki & Kay
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"Farscape 4·08: I Shrink Therefore I Am

John Crichton and Noranti return to Moya to find the crew in the hands of bounty hunters. Crichton must team up with Scorpius to fight them off before the Scarrans arrive.

“The crew are captured by Gort and his Pumpkin head pals who are keen to cash in on the Peacekeeper bounty.

John McClaine and 1812 go Die Hard with Hans Gruber to save the day in honey I shrunk the kids, just be careful where you step!” (thanks Marky See!)“""Hey Honey, they've shrunk the crew.""

Clatu Verada Nictu,

Stuck in a can,

Fight like Antman,

Pumpkin spy squashed by my shoe.” (thanks Ric From the Delta Quadrant!)“Bounty hunters and tiny prisoners take the stage to captivate the audience in this episode. John is forced to take the enemy down Die Hard style to rescue the crew, while Scorpy attempts to prove he is on team Crichton. ” (thanks Melissa!)

First aired on Friday, 2 August 2002, written by Christopher Wheeler, and directed by Rowan Woods"

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