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January 15, 2020 - Making Parishes a Welcoming Community
15th January 2020 • Truth in Charity • Spoke Street
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On this episode, Bishop offers specific suggestions on how we can make our parishes and communities more welcoming. Then, he answers questions submitted by listeners on topics including tarot cards, reaching the “religiously unaffiliated” and more. Listener-submitted questions: • Bishop, thanks for all you do. You are a tremendous blessing to our Diocese and our Church. I was talking with a friend about evil spirits and exorcisms. I explained how evil spirits are real and how people can become possessed, and although it is rare, it can happen. She shared with me that her daughter in law has dabbled with Tarot cards, and this concerns my friend, but she can’t quite put her finger on the problem and how to articulate that it’s a bad idea. What information and advice can she give to her daughter in law about this? • Last week I attended the lovely Advent and Carols Service at the University of St Francis followed by a beautiful Mass. In the Prayers of the Faithful blessings were asked upon the donors and benefactors of St Francis. I realized that this prayer request was very unique to my experience in six decades of Holy Mass: namely recognition of the great good the 'rich' have done. Is there any verse in the Gospels of Jesus speaking in gratitude about the rich? I can only remember chastisements. After all the rich (and others as well )pay taxes which provide civil services for the benefit of all, fund scholarships, art, parks, libraries, etc. Where are Jesus' words of thankfulness for the good they have done? • I watched Bishop Barron's presentation at the recent USCCB meeting. During the Q & A many bishops gave their comments and questions. I would like to hear Bishop Rhodes thoughts…I’m assuming Bishop Rhoades was there. I currently teach RE to confirmation students, sub for junior high students at a Catholic school and desperately trying to get a high school youth group going in our parish. My husband and I have been parenting for 33 years. Our last child is currently in a Catholic High School. What Bishop Barron said in the video is exactly what I'm experiencing with these kids and our own. Curious to know Bishop Rhodes thoughts on Bishop Barron's recommendations and the direction our diocese is taking in "Reaching Out to the Religiously Unaffiliated". Thank you. ------ Truth in Charity is brought to you in part by Notre Dame Federal Credit Union. ------ Live: Follow us on social media: Submit your question(s): Call / Text (Holy Cross College text line) - 260-436-9598 Online - E-mail - Subscribe to the Podcast: iTunes | Google Play | SoundCloud | RSS