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Episode 16 - Using personalized gifts in prospection, with Trevor Martin, CEO of Noms Bake Shop
Episode 1627th May 2020 • The B2B Sales Podcast • Thibaut Souyris & Skip Miller
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In this new episode, Thibaut receives Trevor Martin, CEO of Noms Bake Shop for an interview on how to use gifts in cold outreach sequences.

Trevor has founded Noms Bake Shop in 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona.

In this interview, you will discover how to build sequences using physical gifts like cookies. Trevor shares a framework to select a gift provider and best practices to include these gifts in your cold outreach sequence. He also shares his experience validating physical addresses when your prospects work from home.

You can find Trevor on LinkedIn here.

Go check Noms Bake Shop here.

Get the 5 steps framework here.

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Enjoy the show!