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The Future Of Security For Working From Home
Episode 23rd August 2022 • Razorwire Cyber Security • Razorthorn Security
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One legacy from Covid 19 that’s here to stay is working from home. Staff love it as it gives them flexibility, and organisations save on infrastructure costs. Still, the transition into the digital world is not smooth and comes with many vulnerabilities and risks. 


Welcome again to the Razorwire podcast. This week I am joined by Andy Johnson of Highside and Aaron Thundercliffe from CyberArk. We sat together and discussed the past, present and future of working from home; where were we years ago? How has it changed recently, and what are the opportunities and risks for remote working in the future?  


There is a behavioural divide between two types of organisation: one that is in a rush to re-open their offices and one that is shifting their employee to work from home to save paying for costly office rental. Even though some employees appreciate the flexibility, it’s been found that they also feel isolated regarding social interactions.  


We discussed the security implications of working from home and shared our experiences. 


This episode is perfect for anyone interested in how the security of remote working will evolve and what we as security professionals need in place to keep on top of developments. Play and listen on your fav podcasting platform. 


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  • Our guests’ experiences of securing a remote workforce 
  • What does the future look like for secure remote working 
  • The role of technology in work from home 
  • The past and present comparison of remote working 
  • Why work from home is not feasible for certain industries or job roles 
  • The benefits of remote working for clients and employees 
  • The trend in remote working after the pandemic and the implications on security 
  • The issues surrounding monitoring and security that must be addressed 
  • Our final thoughts on what the future looks like work from home 





Aaron Thundercliffe 

Based in the UK, Arron forms part of the EMEA DevSecOps SME team in CyberArk’s Solutions Engineering function. Using experience gathered from many years working across Network Security and Cyber Defence, he takes a consultative approach to help organisations secure their software supply chains by reducing attack surface and security risks associated with embedded secrets.   



Andy Johnson 



Andy Johnson is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at HighSide. Andy leads product, engineering and QA teams to deliver HighSide's world class cybersecurity products. A software engineer by trade, Andy works closely with other business leaders to plan, architect, build and bring to market impactful features.  


Andy has represented HighSide on stage at InfoSecurity Europe, and at various pitching and speaking events across the US and UK. Andy has been a designer and software engineer for over a decade, having previously founded and exited a web company to Tucows (NASDAQ $TCX) in his early career.  



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