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EA053: Find Your Purpose Through Personal Productivity with Architect Dan Hart [Podcast]
19th November 2014 • EntreArchitect Podcast with Mark R. LePage • EntreArchitect // Gābl Media
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As small firm architects, we are all wearing so many hats. We have so much going on in our lives.

As Partner in Charge of Operations at my small firm Fivecat Studio, I am CEO, COO, CFO, President, Director of Architectural Services, Architect, Project Manager, Office Manager, Book keeper, Receptionist and custodian and thats just at work.

How do we get it all done?

There is a secret to getting everything done.

Do you know the secret?

The secret to getting everything done… You CAN'T!

You can not get it ALL done, but you can get done the things that matter most.

This week on the Entrepreneur Architect podcast, I am speaking with a new friend of mine, Daniel Hart. Dan is an architect and principal at Parkhill Smith and Cooper, an architecture and engineering firm located in Midland, Texas.

In additional to his roles in architecture, he is a speaker who presents on how to be more productive, how to get more done and frankly, how to have a better life as an architect.

I really enjoyed our conversation. I think it will inspire you to start your own journey toward a a better life, getting done the things that matter most and having more time to spend doing the things you are meant to do.


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