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Dio: Dreamers Never Die Review, Sky Pig Jude Croxford Inverview and Sweet Poison Doc.
Episode 3211th October 2022 • Gen X Bros. • Gen X Brothers
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The brothers got a chance to watch in theaters the Ronnie James Dio Documentary - Dio: Dreamers Never Die with Jack Black, Eddie Trunk and Sebastian Bach. Find out all about the wonderful life of Dio before it comes out on digital and streaming. A full review is given.

Jude Croxford, the Bass Player for Sky Pig, talks with the Gen X Bros. about their up coming new release - It Thrives in Darkness. A well crafted masterpiece of down and dirty sludge metal that will make you tremble in despair. Their new release will be available on vinyl at you can also hear them on Spotify.

Finally Erik and Glenn talk about the new Sweet Poison Documentary and how growing up in Atwater around such great talent changed their lives.

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