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Anything in Life Is Possible (Feat. Chef Robert Irvine)
20th February 2023 • Motivational Mondays: Conversations with Leaders • National Society of Leadership and Success
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Chef Robert Irvine hosts Food Network’s hit show, Restaurant: Impossible. He’s an entrepreneur with numerous successful businesses and the founder of the Robert Irvine Foundation, which gives back to America’s veterans and first responders. 

Robert wrote his new book to cover success stories and failures, and shows the pure grit it takes to succeed. The book includes case studies of his businesses that started, and failed and those of Fortune 500 CEOs who bounced back. (

It’s not a book that lays out how to find success because that isn’t real life. Instead, it focuses on empathetic leadership, overcoming your ego, and building trust. Those are the integral pieces of success.

In this episode of Motivational Mondays, Robert shares why he embraces a people-first approach in business, why there’s so much turnover in the restaurant industry, and what inspired Robert to write Overcoming Impossible.


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>> Listen to the bonus episode to learn why Robert believes in trusting the people you hire and why he’s not a fan of micromanaging. (

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