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21st August 2015 • Brand Architect • Ani Alexander
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Today I am talking to Dan Norris. Dan is entrepreneur, speaker, award winning content marketer and bestselling author.

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In this interview we talk about

  • why did Dan decide to write a book
  • which marketing efforts had the biggest effect for his book launch
  • how to differentiate with content
  • content marketing
  • his new book Content Machine

Food for thought

If you write the book that really hit a nerve that gets people's attention and do a good job marketing the book yhen it can really open some amazing doors.

You need to impact people.

There is no point in writing and creating anything if it's not gonna involve in some kind of change in people.

With your content you should be differentiating from other people who have the attention of your audience.

Useful links

Dan's website 

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