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Business School - Sharran Srivatsaa EPISODE 32, 12th January 2021
Learn Marketing from Australia's Best Marketer with Daniel Throssell
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Learn Marketing from Australia's Best Marketer with Daniel Throssell

Build your email list. That’s what most marketing gurus would probably tell you. What do you send to people who join your list? How can you convince them to read your emails long enough to get to your offer? Would hiring a good copywriter serve you better? These are the questions that will be discussed by Sharran and his guest, Daniel Throssel, an engineer-turned-copywriter who pioneered the concept of Parallel Welcome  Sequence. He is better known as Australia’s Best Copywriter. Listen to this episode and find out why.  

“Pull up your sleeves, get your hands dirty and just do it.” - Daniel Throssell

In This Episode:

- Daniel’s story of starting with 40 subscribers to becoming “The Best Copywriter of Australia”

- Is the daily email concept still relevant in today’s world

- What’s with Sharran’s 5 AM Club

- Learn the psychology behind email sequencing

- Does text still fit in a world of videos, graphics, and short attention spans

- Building a portfolio you can be proud of

- Is copywriting pure talent or a learned skill

- Should you write emails every day

- How do you choose a good copywriter

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