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Ep. 48 - Lori Harder On Owning Your Story, Loving Your Body, & Cultivating Your Tribe
Episode 482nd May 2017 • Almost 30 • Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
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CALLING ALL WOMEN WHO FEEL THAT THEY ARE DESTINED FOR GREATNESS.  Seriously, don't look around.  That's YOU.  Hi!  You don't have to apologize for feeling that innate fire and pull toward something bigger.  Give this episode your full attention--you'll be given permission to take ownership of your dreams.  This week the girls are so excited to be sharing their interview with LORI HARDER.  Lori is the host of the Earn Your Happy Podcast, founder of The Bliss Project, author, cover model, three-time fitness world champion, a "self-love junkie", and a woman at the forefront of the "women supporting women" movement.  Her path to success has been a beautiful zigzag of highs and lows, revelations and resistance, self-love and overflowing generosity.  As Janet Jackson says, "WE GO DEEP"...(love you Janet).  Here's what we discuss:


  • How to receive what you need when swimming through the sea of self love books, guru's, programs, video's, practices, etc.

  • Who was early 20's Lori and what did she learn in order to stand in her light and success now

  • When she left home at 18 to essentially break the rules of her religious upbringing to eventually experience the wake-up calls needed to find the freedom and inspiration to follow the call of her soul to do big things

  • How fitness saved her life

  • Why she was the most sad and lonely at the height of her fitness competition career

  • How paying it forward can shift your mindset

  • Why the body doesn't change if the mind doesn't change

  • Her commitment to being a forever student

  • How to effectively set and achieve your goals

  • How writing her book is forcing her to sit with her story and unwrap and reflect on everything and everyone that have brought her to this point

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