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Deep Fakes (Part 1) - Technological Advancements & Impact on Society
Episode 322nd October 2020 • Data Science Conversations • Damien Deighan and Philipp Diesinger
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This is Part one of our conversation about Deep Fakes with two experts in their respective fields.

We talk to Dr Eileen Culloty of the Institute for Future Media and Journalism at Dublin City University and Dr Stephane Lathuiliere of  Telecom Paris.

Stephane reveals what is possible and what is not possible technically with current Deep Fakes Technology.

Eileen helps us cut through the hype about Deep Fakes and tells us about their real world social and political impact.


  • Short History of Media Manipulation
  • The breakthroughs in Deep Learning enabling current Deep Fake Technology.
  • The role of increased data availability in generating Deep Fakes.
  • Why Cheap fakes are still a bigger problem than Deep Fakes.
  • How the First Order Motion Model has advanced the field of Image Animation.
  • Positive use cases of Deep Fake Technology.
  • The Future of Image Animation/Deep Fake Technology.
  • Challenges for media and Journalism in the age of Deep Fake Technology.
  • Societal impact of Disinformation and fake news content.
  • Deep Fakes V Cheap Fakes during COVID Pandemic.




Video of First Order Motion Model For Video Animation: