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Want to scale your brand? Start with this investor’s tips
16th March 2023 • Take-Away with Sam Oches • Nation's Restaurant News
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In this episode of Take-Away with Sam Oches, Sam talks with Uday Ahuja, chief investment officer for RSE Ventures, an investment fund started by Miami Dolphins owner Steve Ross that counts restaurant companies like &pizza, Bluestone Lane, Momofuku and Milkbar among its investments. Ahuja is responsible for evaluating and executing RSE’s investments, as well as for the ongoing management of those partnerships, and he joined the podcast to talk about the state of financing for restaurants and how emerging brand leaders can find capital to fuel their growth plans. 

In this conversation, you’ll find out why:

  • Founders are the heartbeat of an emerging restaurant brand 
  • There are multiple ways to achieve scale
  • Today more than ever, strong unit economics and profitability are key to securing capital for growth
  • The capital will start flowing when there’s more certainty in the economy
  • A team that starts a business is very different from one that’s scaling it in the future
  • If you’re planning to scale your business, you should be networking with as many investors as you can

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