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The Importance of Authenticity In Content Creation With Brandon Edler
Episode 2115th April 2024 • Outside The Box: Convos With Creators • Outside The Box - Retrospect Podcasts
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In this conversation, Nick Engvall is joined by Brandon Edler and they discuss their experiences working in the content industry, particularly in the sneaker and media space. They reminisce about their time at Complex and the evolution of social media platforms. They also touch on the importance of storytelling and dynamic visuals in content strategies, as well as the challenges of measuring success in the digital age. The conversation in this part focuses on the success and impact of their work at Finish Line, the importance of authenticity in content creation, and the future of tangible media. In this final part of the conversation, Nick and Brandon discuss their favorite shows, the internet's impact on exploration, their experiences with sneakers, the changing landscape of content and social media, the concept of selling out, and the importance of in-person experiences and community.

Brandon Edler:

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