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(Ep. 26) Breath and Water with creator of Sound of Soul, Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen
Episode 266th December 2020 • FLOWE • Kelly Kennedy
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In episode 26, Kelly sits down with the creator of Sound of Soul, our podcasts 'soul' sponsor, Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen to discuss the uniqueness of water and the power of breath.   In his 23 year career, Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen has focused heavily on studying water. Working in cooperation with Masaru Emoto for many years, he founded the laboratory Hado Life in 2004. The latest studies done by Rasmus have been in relation to Heart Rate Variability and its direct translation into sound and color light, which lead to his creation of the Sound of Soul device.   Rasmus gives insight into the connection between water and ourselves, diving into topics like light, frequency, and sound in relation to how they change water. He speaks about how his studies with Masaru Emoto lead to the inspiration for Sound of Soul, and why this truly allows the body to heal itself. Rasmus shares wisdom when it comes to the breath and the way we can use the breath to affect change in our lives and some breathing exercises to aid in the body's innate healing processes. All this and so much more in this incredible, not to be missed episode of "The Beats with Kelly Kennedy"!   For device purchase inquiries email NOTMEDSINFO@GMAIL.COM For Sound of Soul session inquiries, call (267)308-0777 today!    And remember to mention the DISCOUNT CODE! You will get 50% OFF your FIRST Sound of Soul session and $300 OFF your Sound of Sound device purchase!    About "The Beats with Kelly Kennedy":   Listen and Watch every week as Kelly and her amazing colleagues takes you on a journey from your Mouth to the inside of the cell and everything in the middle. There is no need to sit in fear of virus, cancer, bacteria, metals, emotional stress or any other toxins any longer. Rest well once you are guarded with the proper understanding and knowledge of HOW THE BODY REALLY WORKS. Welcome to the foundation of health and the world of Naturally Oriented Therapists and Medically Enlightened Doctors and Specialists (!   For more information on our mission, visit .   To learn more about the Biological clinic Kelly helped build as one of the head practitioners, The True Wellness Center, visit .   To educate yourself on the Lymphatic System and Lymphatic Health, visit .   Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and stay tuned every Sunday at 9am EST!





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