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Enhancing the potential of NZ meat products in Japan with Makoto Kinjo
Episode 623rd May 2022 • Jandals in Japan • Jayne Nakata & Catherine O'Connell
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Some of our most passionate Jandals are also originally from Japan. Makoto Kinjo has a wealth of experience in bringing New Zealand products to Japan. From ice cream to tomato paste, and even dog food, Makoto is now creating a premium brand of new kinds of New Zealand meat products in the Japanese market. Leveraging Japan’s world class delivery network, almost anything can arrive in the hands of consumers in no time, and still FROZEN! 

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Makoto’s serendipitous home stay in Christchurch in the 1980s that showed him the potential of New Zealand products and foods
  • The surprising connection between Okinawa and New Zealand from the 1960s
  • How Makoto took on the challenge of educating the Japanese market about New Zealand meat products by setting up a restaurant - Far out!
  • Makoto’s top tips for succeeding in Japan and what he’s up to next with new varieties of meat products from New Zealand.

About Makoto

Makoto Kinjo has been working for 37 years in the New Zealand food industry, in the field of sales and marketing of New Zealand food products to Japan and Asian countries. He has been engaged in the expansion of New Zealand beef and lamb in Japan for 20 years as President of ANZCO Foods Japan. Launched WAKANUI Grill Dining restaurant in 2011 as a way of promoting ANZCO Foods’ beef and lamb products.

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