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Qiological Podcast - Michael Max 7th January 2019
Martial Use of Acupuncture Points • Jonathan Bluestein • Qi066
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Martial Use of Acupuncture Points • Jonathan Bluestein • Qi066

We know that Chinese medicine and the martial and cultivation arts of East Asia share a common root.

In our healing practices we are paying attention to the medicinal side of this continuum. We don’t think about the points can be used for martial purposes, or how structures in the body can be used to generate power and force.

Our conversation today looks at some of the internal dynamics and structures from the martial point of view, as well as a tour of some of the points that can be used in particular ways if you find yourself difficult situation.

And as this conversation is the other side of the continuum we use in clinic, you’ll find some helpful clinic observations as well.


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