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Chemotherapy: What to Expect
Episode 3110th May 2022 • Life on Pause • Penn State Health
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Chemotherapy involves so much more than just treating cancer. Chemotherapy treatments involve various side effects that can challenge patients mentally, physically, and emotionally. On this episode of Life on Pause, our host Kasara talks with guest speakers to discuss their experiences receiving chemotherapy treatments for their cancer diagnoses. Together they share their stories to provide insight to listeners and help other cancer patients know that they aren’t alone.

Life on Pause is a podcast created by and for young adults living with cancer. Within this episode, listeners can hear real experiences cancer patients have had with chemotherapy treatments.

Listen to Kasara and guest speakers discuss their journeys with cancer treatments:

Topic and Guest Introduction (0:30)

Our host Kasara introduces listeners to this episode’s topic: chemotherapy. She also introduces herself and provides background about her life before allowing the other guests to introduce themselves. Today’s guests have all undergone a cancer diagnosis and include Brady Lucas, Ali Schneider, Kayla Brown, Elizabeth, Abby, Bailey, Cameron Benjamin, Jasmine, and Gene Banks.

Diagnosis and Beginning Treatment (2:47)

Kasara asks listeners how long after their diagnosis they began treatment for their cancer. Then, she and the guests share their stories of diagnosis and speak about the different experiences that they each had upon beginning their cancer treatment journeys.

The Reality of Cancer Treatments (11:46)

The way cancer is depicted in movies and television shows often does a poor job of accurately representing the real-life experience of having cancer and its challenges. Kasara brings this up and asks the guest speakers to talk about their physical experiences and difficulties brought on by their cancer treatments. Speakers share their stories regarding topics like appetite changes, nausea, memory issues, and hair loss.

Cancer, Chemotherapy, and COVID (25:28)

Kasara describes the mental wall she hit emotionally as she was experiencing her third and fourth cycles of cancer treatments and the difficulty of having to extend her time between treatments due to a COVID diagnosis. She has the special guests speak about their own mental and emotional battles throughout their experiences with cancer, and COVID’s effects on their cancer treatments.

Not Defined by a Diagnosis (37:43)

The speakers share their thoughts and feelings about how they are affected by having had cancer and how they choose not to let it define them. Additionally, they speak about overcoming the side effects of their diagnosis, like hair loss and weight loss, and moving past other people's perceptions of them.