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What if Akainu lost to Aoikiji
Episode 727th January 2022 • What if Anime • Hopewell Valley Student Publication Network
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Hopewell Valley Student Podcasting Network 

Show Name: What if Anime 

Episode #7 : What if Akainu lost to Aoikiji 

What if Akainu lost to Aokiji? 

You are listening to the What If Anime podcast with your host(s) Ben Thompson and Eli miller. 

In this episode of Anime What If the Podcast we discuss: the anime One piece, and What if Akainu lost to Aoikiji. 

Segment 1: Introduction 

This will be explaining one piece 

Brief overview of story 

Brief overview of events leading up to theory 

Segment 2: We will talk about What if Akainu lost to Aokiji 

● Smoker would never be saved by Aoikiji 

● Will Smoker join the straw hats in the future? 

● How would Akainu react? 

● Who would fill the vacant marine admirable position? 

● Brief talk about Green Bull 

● What would happen in Dressrosa without Fujitora there?

● How would the world/world government react to different events?

● Disbanding of Warlord system 

● Information about individual warlords 

● Final summary of theory (chaos) 

Segment 3: Surprise Reveal of Next Episodes Theory

Dragon ball Theory End of the podcast, reveal next episodes theory and anime 

Music Credits:

Lifeforce 9 - Mr.ruiZ

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