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Episode 3730th November 2021 • RAD Talk with Tracey • Tracey Poffenroth
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I always want to cry (happy tears!) when I learn about another potential placement option for our kids with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) and/or behavioral problems. What a relief it is to know that there are people out there willing to support families by providing a safe place for our children when home isn't an option. In this episode, you'll meet the owners and founders of Life Quest Girls Academy in Parowan, Utah. Monte and Rachael Hawkins were inspired after spending time with a friend who was in charge of a residential treatment center (RTC). They realized that there wasn't a place for girls to transition to after spending time at an RTC. So, they followed a dream, took a leap of faith and created Life Quest Girls Academy for girls ages 13-18. Their goal is for every student to become self-sufficient by learning healthy habits, coping skills, life skills and being accountable for their actions through principle-based learning. Monte and Rachael describe it as, "learning the same things that your grandpa would have taught you". And good news, Life Quest Girls Academy is more affordable than most facilities and the program is customized specifically for each student's needs. They're no strangers to Reactive Attachment Disorder and they don't rush your child through the program. Monte and Rachael strongly believe and encourage families to allow their daughter to complete the program before leaving. Rachael shares a great success story about a student with RAD at the end of the podcast.