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Martha Aviles - A work in progress. Resilience to evolve and succeed.
28th November 2022 • Resilience Unravelled • Russell Thackeray
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Martha Aviles is a marketing executive based in Austin, Texas. Her parents were Nicaraguan immigrants who arrived in Miami, Florida in the 1970s. Martha was born and grew up in Miami before moving to southern California and then Austin, Texas in the early 90s where she became involved in high-tech marketing, the career she has pursued for the last twenty years. She focuses on impacting high-growth companies with innovative, measurable marketing strategies and her dynamic background is in leading and building high-performance marketing teams that include demand generation, integrated marketing, product marketing, digital marketing, public relations, brand management, analyst relations, and crisis communications.

Martha feels she has tenacity and stubbornness which was built up over time by having to deal with a lot of challenges. Children are often very resilient and Martha feels that there is an immigrant work ethic that tells you that you don't quit. She was also an oldest child so knew the pressure was on her to blaze a trail for the family in the US. This was difficult at times because her parents didn’t know what she was going through but as an adult she now feels that what was a difference and a negative when she was a child is now her superpower.

In this podcast:

  • Martha talks about some of the pressures of being the eldest child in an immigrant family
  • Why what seemed a negative as a child is now a ‘superpower’
  • What she would tell her ten year old self.