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The Voice of Dog - Khaki and friends. 12th October 2020
“One Day in Hanoi” by Thomas “Faux” Steele
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“One Day in Hanoi” by Thomas “Faux” Steele

Set in the bustling metropolis of 1920s Hanoi, a French detective on vacation must explore the city in search of his stolen wallet.

Today’s story is  “One Day in Hanoi” by Thomas “Faux” Steele. Faux is a Virginian author who enjoys writing in many genres, including romance, erotica, science fiction, and fantasy. He’s an arctic fox whose works have been published in numerous conbooks and anthologies including FANG 7, Boldly Going Forward, and the upcoming anthology The Furry Game Show Network, distributed by Weasel Press. You can find more of his work on FurAffinity.

Read for you by Khaki, your faithful fireside companion.