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133: Stimulate The Leader in Your Life: YOU with Chutisa and Steven Bowman
15th November 2019 • Everyday Mindfulness Show • Holly Duckworth
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What would you like to create as your life and your living? In her first team interview, Holly joins Chutisa and Steven Bowman from Australia. This amazing couple have joined forces for the last forty-seven years, living and growing several businesses and their personal lives together. This duo speaks to honoring each other individually and together, as they have grown seven global businesses. They have worked together over a quarter of a century, mastering the art of blending business and building family together. Chutisa loves to write and Steven loves to work with executives who lead companies. Together, they are a powerhouse of mindful leadership knowledge. The duo’s shared motto is, “What would we like to create as our life and our living?” Life is different than living and living is different than life. With this as their driving force, the have created seven global business and tap into the key to having multi streams of possibility. Their secret to running several business, is, as they share “We contribute to one another, though not always physically contributing to each others ventures, we put energy toward them.” The side conversation is that “we never withdraw our energy from any of the businesses.” They are constantly asking “Where does our energy need to be today?” Some of the questions Holly explores with the couple are: How do you handle conflicts? To which Steven presents listeners with the questions: “Are you doing that to prove or to create?” and “What would this be like if I was doing this to create?” How do you overcome bridges to create mindful change into organizations? How do you help people let go of old views of wealth to have a more mindful view? What is your favorite source to expand people’s view? What is on your dream board that is keeping you stimulated to move forward? Wealth is so much more than money. It is about choices and possibilities that we have in the world. Money is the easy bit. The bit that people trip over is their view about money and about how they can get it. The Bowmans advise listeners to not totally buy into other people’s reality. We recommend education about personal finance. It doesn’t matter where or how you start, just start! Trust in yourself and become a conscious leader in your own life. See yourself as your biggest asset. Be the creative source of your life.  Chutisa’s new book launches in January, Conscious Leaders for Futures That are Sustainable: The gift of inner leadership. It asks the question: Are you a conscious leader of your own life, if not, who is? She is also working on a YouTube channel to support her work on inner leadership.  The Bowmans express that we must continue functioning from a place of curiosity. Asking, “What else can we add to our life?” and to keep asking EVERY day, “How much fun and joy will that create in my life?” Most people have a full time job as wishful thinkers, but taking action is essential. Many people keep wishing but take no action. The universe thrives on change. Keep looking for things that bring change to your life. Know that every choice creates, but never judge any of your choices as good or bad and from that space everything is possible. Steven and Chutisa Bowman are global business advisors, authors and speakers who have spent the past 30+ years working with many top society changing companies and entrepreneurs of our time.  The2Bowmans have devoted their career to inspiring people to challenge today’s certainties and consciously create a future of their choosing. They are recognized worldwide as Pragmatic Futurists and “thought leaders” on:  Benevolent Capitalism and Benevolence@Work Conscious Leadership for sustainable futures Prosperity Consciousness and Business of Wealth Creation  Strategic Awareness and business transformation. See more about Steven and Chutisa on their website at or buy their books on Amazon here. 




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