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Ascension Symptoms Explained with Stacy and Brenda
Episode 19911th March 2024 • Be the Love podcast • Stacy Musial & Brenda Carey
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Stacy and Brenda discuss ascension and understanding, validating and transmuting the symptoms

We discuss:

  • Schuman resonance: 7.83 Hz
  • Solar flares increasing the frequency 
  • Ascension symptoms: Tired or more energy, vivid dreams, old patterns coming up to heal, sleep patterns that are off, digestive issues, body aches, joint pain.
  • Breaking through the illusions of the 3D matrix,
  • Seeing where you are out of alignment
  • Relationships breaking away
  • Collective energy vs own past emotions that need to be cleared
  • Clearing energy to raise intuition 
  • Sitting with the energy to move it, allow it to move through you
  • Create space to learn the lessons in a gentle and loving way, self care, hydrate, nature, meditation, introspection, creating spaciousness in day, letting go of old stories, epsom salt baths, rose spray
  • Allow light to enter your body, mind, cells and filling to each part of your body.

Stacy Musial is on a mission to bring unconditional love to the world by assisting humanity to love themselves first… to transcend through the shadows, and awaken their potential as sovereign beings. She has a passion for connecting others to their highest truth, community, and the earth, by diving deep into emotional wounds – to heal and transform the energy behind the wound to bring light through for deep love. Stacy has received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Social Work and has a background in psychotherapy with an deep dive into transpersonal, trauma informed care, integration therapy, somatic work, yoga and meditation, nutritional counseling, health coaching and energy healing. She has led groups, ceremonies and supported people in divine healing. She has studied in Mexico with deep earth wisdom, and is grounded in earth medicine with a deep desire to dig into the roots to support healing through nature. She is ordained as an Earth Wisdom Priestess in the Sacred Arts. Stacy is the author of Your Empowered Soul: A Natural Pathway to Healing Anxiety and Depression.

Brenda Carey is passionate about helping people Energetically align with their innate ability to heal.  Her purpose is to inspire others from her own personal transformation of the struggles from spinal fusion surgery and autoimmune issues to embracing each day with gratitude. She is a Holistic Healer utilizing her training as a certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach, Reiki Master, sacred ceremony facilitator, yoga and meditation teacher to help empaths and sensitive souls feel vibrant.   She is the owner of Sacred Path Healing, a contributor on Insight Timer, and hosts retreats in the US and internationally. Her offerings are on:

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