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Qiological Podcast - Michael Max 27th November 2018
Treating Inflammation With Chinese Medicine • Will Maclean • Qi060
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Treating Inflammation With Chinese Medicine • Will Maclean • Qi060

Inflammation is a popular topic in the worlds of both alternative and conventional medicine. It’s a pathologic process that is the result of certain disease processes and the generator of others. It is also something that can be treated very well with East Asian medicine.

In this episode we explore how the fundamentals of the Liver/Spleen relationship, the Heart/Kidney axis and digestion in general all can contribute to treating lingering heat in the body.

We also take a look at lingering pathogens, and discuss how herbs with opposite effects are useful in treating these kinds of conditions as they help to reestablish dynamic equilibrium to the body.

Listen in for a conversation on the power of harmonization in the treatment inflammatory conditions.


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