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Interview with #VoiceFirst Influencer, Physician, Speaker, Author and Podcaster, Dr. Teri Fisher - Part 1
Episode 8928th July 2021 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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Dubbed as “The Voice Doctor”, Dr. Teri Fisher believes that voice technology is the next operating system and the future of computers and artificial intelligence. We talk about breaking down the complexities of this technology to its most basic parts. Listen in as we discuss navigating the world of voice.

Settle back with your drink of choice and find out what the future of AI has to bring us!

What The Voice Den Event is All About

Dr. Fisher has put together an online event with the idea of creating something that can reproduce the experience people have at a conference outside of the formal sessions. At this event, you can chat with and get to know the speakers behind the conference. “We typically bring on five people in the voice space and invite participants on the show live to ask any question that is on their mind.” 

With no structure or format, this is purely an opportunity to have fun, chat, and talk to people they may not have in their network circle. It’s now referred to as “The Happy Hour of Voice” The following hour, participants are invited to jump onto Clubhouse to continue the conversation.

Voice Den Topics of Discussion

“Voice Denis all about the voice industry” with Dr. Fisher’s conversation focused on voice AI. From Amazon Alexa to smart speakers and developers talking about creating interesting AI features, the conversation covers many different topics.

How Teri became Involved in Voice AI

Being a technology enthusiast ever since he was a child, Teri remembers building radio-controlled airplanes and cars. In addition, he’s been interested in music and audio, becoming a musician early on in life. “Over the last couple of years, these interests have melded together  - technology, education, music and sound.” He became enthralled with the idea of blending them all together in the AI format and has launched resources to educate others about the future of voice technology.

At the age of 10, Teri’s parents purchased a new piece of technology  - a personal computer. A Radio Shack computer running DOS was his first experience with a PC. 

Listen in to find out the five reasons why voice is so compelling, how healthcare has been changed by AI, and the types of AI applications Teri feels will be an integral part of the future of technology.

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