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S2E23 - Close Podcast Sponsorship Deals Easier by Asking For Sample Products
Episode 2321st June 2022 • The PodCASH Show • Pod Kai Media
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Show Summary: “You're building a relationship with your audience by not allowing products to get to them without your approval because you're willing to test them personally.”

A strong and genuine connection with your listeners is what you always need to take care of as a podcaster. Because of that, you want to give them the best experience as they take this journey with you. 

In terms of having sponsors, you don’t only think about what will benefit you, but you also think about how these brands will help your audience, the same way you help them with your stories and messages. 

You need to learn about them, and the best way to let your listeners know that these products align perfectly with your lifestyle and values is by trying them out personally. By doing this, you give authentic feedback that helps your audience make the right decision in supporting the brand. 

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Exceptional Highlights:

Kai 3:31

  • It's easier to talk about something that you've already tried. It's easier to give an honest review or to create an ad if you've already tried the product and if it's proven and tested by you.

Kai 4:18

  • You need to get sample products because you don't want to take their money and run or create scripted host-read ads for them. And then, suddenly, you realize that it's not the best for your clients' listeners. 

Kai 4:52

  • You have to remember that to take care of your audience's trust; you have to personally try the products you're going to promote in your show. 

Kai 5:10

  • It's also one way to build good relationships with your sponsors and potential sponsors. Because if you like their product, you’ll use it moving forward, making the promotion sound natural and genuine. 

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