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Entrepreneurial Attorney Nation - Knee to Knee with Richard James
Episode 611th August 2021 • Entrepreneurial Attorney Nation • Richard James
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In the latest installment of Entrepreneurial Attorney Nation, Rich takes a different approach to the show by opening the floor to a Q&A session with clients. Listen as Rich takes a deep dive into each of their practices to uncover areas of concern and offer solutions.

In this special episode, the conversations weave through a wide-variety of topics, including referral development, bankruptcy law, when to go on vacation, and so much more! There's something for everyone in this episode, so don't miss out on some key information that could help take your practice in the right direction.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy another enlightening conversation.


1:05: Introduction to the show and an overview on today's format

3:34: What does vacation mean to you?

12:30: The system of putting profit first

15:28: Latest status of bankruptcy law

21:55: How to manage yourself when running two offices and running an administrative law firm

26:24: Pay attention to your numbers often

28:26: Number one marketing tactic for estate planning

31:10: Referral marketing plans and referral development

36:50: Addressing staffing concerns

41:22: Identify everything that can be done remotely and recruiting for those roles

46:03: What has to happen for you to take time off

48:30: How to come back after a slow down in the market

52:38: Macroeconomic or internal?

57:20: How to sell to people in another town

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