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Barbie and Richard Armenta
Episode 66th October 2020 • The Focus with Taylor L. Cole Longacre • Taylor L. Cole Longacre
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On this episode of The Focus, Taylor talks with Barbie and Richard Armenta, authors of The Right Combination. Richard is a business owner and ministry leader. Barbie is a freedom life coach, ministry leader, and founder of The Brave Gathering.

How do you find love and life after divorce? Barbie and Richard share practical, Bible based insights. Learn more at and get involved with The Brave Gathering.

Creative leaders, authors, CEOs, and entertainers, people who are truly at the top of their game. How do they zero-in on their vision? We’ll learn what motivates them and what’s launched them to the next level, as they offer practical advice that anyone can put into action. Tune into The Focus both on TV and as a podcast!

Are you ready to step into the spotlight? Be a guest on The Focus. Learn more at and watch The Focus on Amazon Prime Video and MPN.Global.