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154: Build, Scale, Grow Successful Mindful Leadership with Attorney Mike Mumola
6th April 2020 • Everyday Mindfulness Show • Holly Duckworth
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“I don’t have time to sit on a pillow and meditate for 20 minutes! Good, then sit there for 40 minutes.” Holly interviews Mike Mumola, trial attorney, entrepreneur, consultant, actor and speaker about living the fulness of a mindful life while growing and scaling successful businesses.  Mike was one of the first in his circles who embraced mindfulness, in spite of business associates lack of acceptance. Eventually they started asking how he was using mindfulness in his life to get the results in growing his success and his happiness levels.  Using outward demonstrations of what he’s practicing on the inside have opened unexpected doors for him. For example, he changed from an expensive watch to a bracelet of mala beads. It’s important to stay centered and focused and he uses these as reminders. Everyday, he practices in order to create more mindful living in corporate America.  Holly and Mike discuss the difference between judgement and discernment, to which Mike responds - Whether you react or respond, it’s important to bring yourself to center and discern what’s going on with clarity and making sure that it stays on track with your desired intent. What is the best outcome for everyone involved? Mindfulness is more mainstream because we recognize that being present in all of the situations we experience using tools and practices helps us stay on course.  Mike shares, “I did everything that everybody said you’re supposed to do and I still wasn’t happy.”  This sparked him to journey, by design, to figure out the secrets of making life enjoyable. It isn’t based on how much money is in the bank. For him, being happy meant helping other people find their passions and purpose.  Mike encourages readers to ask “What is the impact of everything that you’re living?” His productivity has increased exponentially by getting in harmony with himself. Mindfulness is the only thing he’s changed in his professional life that has added to all the business he’s built and scaled.  Mike begins his days with gratitude, some basic yoga and meditation before even looking at his phone. He observes situations that come at him during the day without reacting in ways that are counterproductive. He ends his day with meditation and gratitude. And, he’s a “no coffee” kind of guy and practices intermittent fasting. He does affirmations as he’s drinking water in the mornings.  Try this exercise with Mike - SMILE!!! You can find more about Mike on his website, by following him on social media, Instagram @mikemumola, Facebook, and reach him at his personal email address at