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Why I chose coaching over done for you PR
Episode 11712th May 2022 • Publicity for Pet Businesses • Rachel Spencer
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In this episode I'm talking about a topic that comes up a lot.

Why I DON'T do done for you PR.

Deciding to set up a coaching business rather than offering done for you PR has meant it has taken me a LOT longer to be able to bring in enough income to have this as my sole revenue stream.

And it is still a work in progress.

In this episode I'm talking about why I made this decision, and how learning to do your own PR can empower you as a small business owner.

Plus, how you can work with me and learn to do your own PR too.

Key topics and timings in this episode:

0.20 - Introduction to the episode and the topic of why I chose to offer coaching instead of done for you PR.

0.56 - How my coaching business happened by accident.

2.55 - Making the decision to show people how to get PR themselves.

4.39 - My PR experience at Marco Richards in Manchester.

5.18 - Doing done for you PR as a freelance for small businesses and a pet sitting app.

5.46 - Writing my book and deciding to offer coaching.

6.41 - Reason Number 1 - I didn’t feel comfortable charging lots of money for something I couldn’t guarantee and how meeting a couple who spent their savings on PR shaped my decision to offer coaching.

8.08 - WHY PR companies charge so much.

9.22 - What happens if a news event kicks your story out of the paper.

10.26 - Reason Number 2 - I’m passionate about supporting small businesses who don’t have huge budgets.

12.49 - Reason Number 3 - I can be honest about whether people have a story.

15.06 - Reason Number 4 - Because I don’t have to get rejected over and over again.

17.16 - Reason Number 5 - Journalists would rather speak to the person directly.

18.59 - How PR is like training a puppy. Done for you is where the pup lives with the trainer and they pick up the poo and make them look lovely. Coaching is where you learn to do it yourself.

21.08 - The five reasons recap and conclusion.

21.46 - Why learning to do your own PR will give you skills for the rest of your life.

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