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DD #71 - Science-Based Arguments Against Contraception
14th June 2019 • Doctor Doctor • Spoke Street
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Feature Interview (10:15) – Dr. William Stigall, pediatric intensive care physician and bioethicist at University of Dallas, shares arguments against using contraception based on scientific evidence including differences in how hormones work in male and female bodies, what studies show about how contraception negatively affects relationships between men and women. Also in this episode: Background Info (01:00) – Study of how contraception increases fat and decreases muscle strength in Finnish women ( Medical Trivia (Answer at 38:00) – The United Nations has collected worldwide data on how women who are married space their babies. What percent of married women of childbearing potential worldwide do not use artificial contraception? More than half or less than half? ------ Follow us on Facebook: @DoctorDoctorShow Submit your question(s): Text (Holy Cross College text line) - 260-436-9598 Online - E-mail - Subscribe to the Podcast: iTunes | Google Play | SoundCloud | RSS