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Ep 62 - How to undo the power of self-sabotage
Episode 6231st July 2018 • Happy Mama Movement with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz • Amy Taylor-Kabbaz
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Sometimes, we make things a lot harder for ourselves than they need to be - harsh, but true. We allow a story - that inner mean mama voice that is always chattering away in the background - to run the show, letting it take us down a spiral of negativity.
And sometimes, it means we totally self-sabotage ourselves.
Have you ever heard yourself saying big statements like 'This ALWAYS happens!', or 'Why is it ALWAYS like this?' Big, generalisations like this are a sure sign that that little voice inside is running the show again. And it is this voice, and these big statements, that often cause us to react in a negative way.
So how do we undo these self-sabotaging ways?
In this episode, Amy reflects on her own 'favourite' self-sabotaging story, and how she's trying to change it, one day at a time.